• How to Buy a 5th Wheel

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    Learning how to buy a 5th wheel can be fun, especially is you can save a lot of money when you buy one.

    A 5th wheel RV is like a travel trailer only bigger, it has a gooseneck and attaches to a truck bed rather than the bumper. Aside from being larger and heavier than most campers, 5th wheel trailers are more secure when hauling and most fifth wheel trailers have between one and three slide outs. Another added advantage of this type of RV is that it has an extra over the cab queen that sleeps two addition people. Some 5th wheel are also toy haulers, this means you have an RV with a garage for hauling toys such as ATVs, dirt bikes, and dune buggies. No mater what you are hauling or what your destination, a 5th wheel is great to have along.

    Today is always a great time to buy a new or used 5th wheel trailer. This article will teach you how to create golden buying opportunity the help you get the best deals.

    This is the question most people are interested in: How to buy a new or used 5th wheel and get a great deal on it. There are 3 places buy used fifth wheels. The first is from a private seller, the second is to buy the RV used or new from a dealer. The third way to buy a travel trailer is to buy repossessed 5th wheels from RV auctions. In my opinion, this is the best way to save. Repossessed 5th wheel campers will often sell for between 50 and 65% of their value.

    When you shop private party, you want to remember that there is always a lot more inventory for sell then you see advertised. Most classified listings expire before the RV sells. The best time to call can be either right away or 2 to 3 weeks after they have removed their classified listing from the newspaper. If it is a great deal, call the seller right away. If the RV is over priced, you may also want to wait 2 to 3 weeks after they have stopped advertising. You may find that a lack of interest in their RV has softened up their asking price. Another great place to look is at parked RV’s the have a for sale sign. You may also want to look for ‘for sale’ signs in rv storage lots. A lot of people are paying to store their RV and paying to store and they are not even using it which will usually mean you can get a great deal.

    RV prices are always negotiable. Most people will take 10 to 15 percent less then they are asking and even consider an offer 20% less. If you are unsure of what to offer see if you can get the seller to drop his original asking price without making an offer and then make an offer 10 to 15% below the new discounted price.

    Another place you can check for advertised private party deals is on craigslist, Regional RV magazines, http://rvsalebyowner.com, and even rv trader. Depending on which area of the country you live it, you should find dozens of private party RVs and fifthwheel trailers listed on craigslist.

    One of the easiest places to buy an RV is off a dealer’s lot. Never appear desperate to buy. Most sales man have more experience selling then you do buying. My suggestion is to get a novice salesman or else not give away any negotiating details such as what payment you can afford or the highest price you are willing to pay. Also try to negotiate the sale on price first and then fit the terms around the price. It is always better to pay cash for a 5th wheel when you can. A dealer’s typical suggested retail mark up is 40%. If you are a savvy negotiator, they may give you 15 to 20% off. If it is a hard to move model, you may get a little more. The best time to negotiate is right before the dealers off-season or else during a model changeover event. Even though dealers have the highest mark-up, they won’t often pass up on a deal that will make them some money.

    You can also look for your next 5th wheel trailer at a used RV repo auction. This is a great way to buy your next RV 50-60% below retail which could save you 100s of dollars. To learn more about Trailer Repos, visit our homepage to find information on bank repo RVs and repos or RV auctions.


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