• 6 Things I Love About Class B Motorhomes

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    class b motorhomes for saleClass B motorhomes are great fun to drive and very convenient to take on vacation. Compared to other types of motorhomes, these motorhome are smaller and get better mileage. I think they are the best motorhome to buy for several reasons:

    First, they are easy to drive. When you drive them, you don’t feel like you are driving a bus. Because they are smaller, they are also easier to park. A Class B motorhome is as easier to drive as a van.

    Second, Class B motorhomes get much better mileage. On average, you get 2 to 3 times more mileage. This means that you don’t have to spend money at the gas pump on your vacation. In addition a lot of times, you can even drive your Class B as your second family car.

    Third, this type of motorhome is perfect for the three-day weekend getaway. Because it is small, it is easy to pack and you can enjoy having a queen size bed, a kitchenette, a dining/sitting area and electricity.

    Fourth, Class B motorhomes are a lot cheaper to drive. With the baby boomer generation retiring and high gas prices, it is no wonder that one of the most popular motorhomes to buy is the Class B motorhome. Typical motorhomes only get 4 to 8 miles to the gallon, whereas a Class B motorhome often gets 15 to 20. This makes the Class B a great motorhome to take on long trips.

    Fifth, you can use a Class B motorhome as a second car. After all, it probably gets better gas mileage than your average truck. If you have a Class B parking and driving, you don’t need to own a third car.

    Sixth, most Class B motorhome’s will contain a kitchenette, a dining area and a queen size bed. They are just the right size for two people. Some of them will even contain a bathroom. People can park these in their driveway or garage rather, than in storage units. This also saves them money.

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    1. Emily Taylor
      October 4, 2013 at 9:41 am

      I always wanted one of these fancy class b rv for vandwelling, though something that looks more like a toyota escaper, you know the camper part overhanging the van cab, i seen plenty of cool modern ones

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