• Different Kinds of Pop Up Campers

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    There are many varieties of pop up campers out there on the market. Some of them are light duty and only intended for short 3 day camp outs and some like high-end Coleman pop up campers can be used for weeks at a time.

    Heavy duty pop ups are great because they often have a hard roof and a more heavy duty exterior. In addition, they carry more water, fuel, battery life and sometime even have generators. A pop up trailer is generally much lighter then a camper and can be towed behind a Van Truck or SUV. In addition to a hard top, most pop up campers also have a hard base to help protect up from the elements (and the wild life). These do particularly well in most types of Spring, Summer, and Fall weather. They are not as popular during the winter because they can be a bit drafty. Most type of pop up trailers even have lockable doors. This feature is convenient when you camp in RV or Trailer parks.

    Something very important to look at with both new and used pop up campers is the wet weight of the trailer. Light duty full size trucks like F-150 and 1500s can haul up to 7,000 lbs. However, a safer weight for these trucks is 4,000 to 5,500 lbs. For pop up truck campers, it is important to look at the carrying capacity of the truck. Additional axle support may need to be added to trucks carrying more than ¾ ton or 1500 lbs.

    If you are looking for a great bargain, most pop up trailers are relatively inexpensive. New prices typically rage from only a few 1,000 to just under $20,000. This is one of the reasons these campers sell is they are a great way to introduce people to their first motorhome or RV. These campers serve as a bridge between tent camping and RV camping. People who like RV Camping may decide to get a pop up camper because they can store it easily and it is inexpensive. People who are tent campers may decide that the pop up camper is like a portable tent on wheels. The difference to them is that they can store a lot more inside of a pop up trailer. This can also allow them to carry more gear when they travel.

    If your looking for pop up campers for sale you may opt to buy one from a dealer, from a private seller of from a repo RV auction. When buying from a dealer, it is always better to know what you are looking for and in what price range before you start shopping. When buying from a private seller it is important to spend a few weeks looking before you buy anything. This will help you find some of the best deals: keep old newspaper classified. Call the seller back a month or two after their listing has expired. If the RV hasn’t sold (most don’t) you will be in a good position to negotiate. This also has a tendency to soften the seller up a bit as far as their asking price is concerned. Another tip is to be willing to drive. People in remote areas often sell their RVs for less because they have a hard time convincing people to come and take a look.

    A used pop up camper may be an even better deal then a new one. Some things are important to inspect before buying a pop up camper are as follows; first, make sure to check the tires and shocks. Second, check the top for leaks and the inside for signs of water damage. Third check the appliances to make sure they all work. These appliances may include A water heater, refrigerator, and gas stove. If you decide that the generator needs to be replaced, this is a great place to go for low noise camping generators. Also make sure to check the batteries. As most batteries only last a year our two see if you can get the batteries replaced as part of the price or at least get a discount if they are not new.

    Remember, whether you are buying a pop up truck camper, or just a regular tow behind pop up camper make sure you always get the best deal by know what you are buying. If the deal seems to good to be true, it probably is. Avoid distressed pop-up campers, (unless they are free) because you will almost always spend more to fix them up then they are worth. If you find people that are distressed and anxious to sell their pop you you will most likely find a good deal. Best luck!

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