• The Best Places to Find RV Auctions Online

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    The fastest and simplest way to find RV auctions online is to start with RV auction websites. Many of these sites feature not only the auctions themselves, but also information about other RVs for sale through online classifieds and ads. The auction formats and types of vehicles available are different from site to site, so search for several of them to find what you are interested in.

    There are also internet sites that specialize in information about auctions. These do not run the auctions themselves, but provide information about other auctions, often ones that are done live. On the best sites, you can search for auctions by location or by the type of RV. They include lists of what is available at each auction so it is easy to pinpoint which ones have the RVs you are looking for.

    Often these types of sites require a membership fee before you can view all the pages and use all the features. Check out as much as you can beforehand and search the web for reviews of the site to give you an idea of what other people think of it. This will help you find the best ones before you spend the money. Remember, useful information on an easy-to-use site will save you time and more money than what you spent to become a member.

    Some of the traditional live auctions will allow internet bidding via real-time webcasts. You can then compete with bidders that are physically on the premises of the auction while at your computer. This is not only convenient, but allows you to attend more than one auction spaced closely together. Check websites or call the auction house in charge to find out if this option is available.

    Also check general auction sites for RV auctions. Many of them have a section devoted to vehicles. These sites generally have each RV auctioned off singly with auctions ending at different times rather than auctions that end at the same time. Typically there is a flurry of bidding at the end, so plan on bidding just before the auction closes.

    The webpages for particular makes and/or models of motorhomes can be a good source for auctions too. Some may actually have auctions while others will advertise auctions or RVs for sale. You can also use message boards and chat features on these sites to get in contact with people who are passionate and knowledgeable about RVs and can point you in the right direction to find the best places to buy them.

    It also is a good idea to look at the online classifieds or “things for sale” websites where people can post ads for whatever they are trying to sell. While many will just be looking to sell their RV rather than auction it off, you can find auctions this way as well. You can also post your own “looking for” ad so that those selling or running an auction can contact you. You can also
    check the online or paper classifieds of the local newspapers for auction ads.

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