• Benefits of Buying a Used Cheap Boat

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    sailing into the sunsetWhen I retire, I am going to sail the Caribbean. Maybe I will go on a 7 day trip, or maybe even a month. Traveling in my own boat will be the best way to see different destinations, and it will be very affordable because I can stay in my own boat rather than having to stay in a hotel. The key to being able to afford a boat faster, is to buy a cheap boat for sale.

    A cheap boat has several advantages. The first is that they do not depreciate as quickly. The next is that when I resell them, I am not out a whole lot because I can probably sell them for what I paid for them, and maybe even make a profit. The third advantage to buying an inexpensive boat is that I will probably be able to pay cash for it. Paying cash for a boat means no interest for the entire time I own the boat, and no monthly payments either.

    Finding Cheap Used Boats for Sale

    If you dream about sailing to a faraway island or on the Caribbean, your dream could be a lot closer than you imagine it to be. If you want to own your own boat but don’t think you can afford one, or think that you just don’t have that much money at this moment, then think again. Affordable or cheap boats are within your grasp. Today boats are being sold at rock bottom prices at Boat auctions.

    Most people know that boat auctions sell boats that have been repossessed by a lender, but what most people don’t know is that these boats can sell for 30 to 50% off of retail. Not only that, boat auctions also sell impounds, tax seizures and damage boats for even less. A good place to start looking for these boats is in the classified sections of your newspaper or online. The trick is to keep your search as local as you can, and to only bid on boats you know are real.

    How to Inspect Cheap Boats

    The problem with buying cheap boats is that you need to be really good at inspecting them. Some cheap boats are cheap for a reason. You need to be able to determine what that reason is, and whether or not it is worth the time to fix it. When inspecting a boat, there are a few things you need to inspect.

    The first thing you need to inspect is the hull of the boat from tip to stern. Inspect the hulll for any signs of leaks, water damage or repairs. The next thing you should inspect is the engine and the generator. More expensive boast will have more to inspect. The most important is that the boat does not have any water damage. You can also ask the owner of the boat what kind of problems they have had, or what kind of repairs they have needed to do to the boat in the past.

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