• Different Types of Camper Auctions: Get the Best Deals

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    Camper auctions are a great place to start your search for your next camper. If you are willing to put in some time and effort, you can almost always find a great deal on a high quality camper. The term “camper auctions” encompasses a several different types of auctions, including on-line auctions, camper repo auctions and seized or government auctions. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Perhaps the most well-known on-line camper auctions site is e-bay; however, there are others out there.

    Most of them work the same way – a seller posts the item (in this case a camper) and registered buyers bid on the item over a set amount of time, ranging from a few hours to several days.

    Online Camper Auctions

    Online camper auctions include several types of sellers, such as new by dealer, used by dealer, or used by owner. Sometimes you can get an excellent deal on a new camper by using an online camper auction. Some of the auction sites even have a “Buy-it Now” price, where you can avoid the entire bidding and waiting process and simply pay a set price for your camper; however, you are less likely to get a significant deal in this instance, as the seller has all of the bargaining power. A major disadvantage to buying a camper from on-line camper auctions, especially if you are buying a used camper, is that you will not be able to fully inspect the camper ahead of time. Because of this, the seller could be selling a poor quality vehicle and you would not know that until you received your camper. One way around this is to only buy from reputable, repeat sellers. In most cases, you can view a seller’s profile and see reviews from other buyers on that seller’s quality. Choose sellers that have several high reviews for the best assurance of top quality. Another disadvantage to buying from on-line camper auctions is that you may often purchase a camper from a far-away location, and will either have to pay for it to be delivered or will have to go and pick it up yourself. This means that you may have to limit your selection simply based on your location. A major advantage to using on-line camper auctions is that you can do so from the comfort of your own home and in your own time. You can even set up automatic bidding with a built-in ceiling bid to make sure that you are always the top bidder up until you have reached your max bid.

    Camper repo auctions are auctions held by banks or other lending institutions for vehicles that have been repossessed due to a buyer’s failure to pay. These auctions are sometimes hard to find and are often most attended by dealers; however, by calling around to local lending institutions, you can usually figure out where they are being held. One of the major advantages to buying repossessed campers from camper repo auctions is that the prices are usually extremely low. Banks are not out to make a profit, they simply want to get rid of the added cost of storing the vehicle and the liability of having it on their books. They will start the bidding very low in hopes of attracting bidders quickly. Another advantage to camper repo auctions over on-line auctions is that you have time to inspect the vehicle beforehand. You can check for wear and tear and for various upgrades. Also, repossessed campers tend to be in fairly good condition as far as used campers are concerned. Often times, campers are repossessed shortly after they are purchased and the buyers have not had much opportunity to use them.

    Finally, government or seized property camper auctions are auctions held by the government to sell campers that have been seized after a court case, usually because they were obtained illegally. These auctions are a little bit easier to find then bank auctions, as there are several websites dedicated to listing the locations and times of these auctions. However, unlike with repossessed campers, there is more of a gamble with seized campers. They can be more abused and in worse condition, so inspection is an important part of buying from government auctions.

    No matter which type of auction you choose, if you do your research ahead of time – figure out what you want and what you are willing to spend – then you are likely to walk away with an excellent camper for a great price.

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