• Camper Awnings: Finding Awnings for Campers

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    Whether you are looking for camper awnings or an awning for an RV, trailer or pop up camper, there are several different varieties to choose from. A typical awning is designed to shade you from the sun and protect you from rain and snow. It can drastically enlarge your living space and make your out door camping experience a lot more enjoyable. Typically an awning attaches to the exterior of the RV. A canvas, plastic or acrylic cloth is then extended from the RV to the end of the frame structure. These structures are made of light weight materials such as wood, aluminum and light steel.

    Camper Awnings can stretch the entire length of the camper or they can be just small enough to cover the window or door. An awning is an inexpensive upgrade that can make your camping experience more enjoyable. In essence, awning are designed for quick set up and retraction. (They are as easy to use as pull down blinds.)

    Some awnings for campers are electric and some are manual. Some are two feet long and some are up to forty feet. You can by standards sizes or buy awning that are fully customizable. These camper awnings can be a great way to create an outdoor patio.

    In addition to being convenient, camper awnings can also be classy. Fancy hotel and restaurants decorate with outdoor awnings. Some very expensive motor homes can have 8-10 awning to cover each door way, window and slide out. If these awnings are electrical, they can set up at the push of a button.

    A good quality camper awning can be dependable and long lasting. For these reason, we suggest you be name brand awnings. (After all, a faulty awning can mean the difference between a great camping trip and a wet one!) We recommend the manual awnings over the electric ones because they won’t break nearly as easily.

    Awnings for campers particularly caravan awnings are generally found either through a dealer, an RV Store, or online. The RV dealer is usually the most expensive place to buy an awning. A lot of people by them from dealers because they hardly have to think about it. Often, the dealers will often install the awning for you as well.

    The next place to buy an rv awning is at a camper store. You may find that selection is scare and you may not even find the size of awning you are looking for. The advantage is that this location is often cheaper then a dealer. The disadvantage is poor selection, and you will have to install the awning yourself.

    The third place to buy camper awnings is from and online internet retailer. This will usually allow you to choose from multiple brands and multiple lengths simultaneously. Buying here, you can often avoid the high dealer mark up and installation charge. The downside you buying online is that you may end up having to pay for shipping. Another possibility is to buy your next awning directly through an rv parts distributor. You may also eventually be able to buy directly from the dealer online.

    When ordering the product and installing it yourself, it is important to remember the awning kits typically come in a box and include fabric, arms, brace and columns. The instructions are generally included and easy to follow. Most of the time the initial set up will take you less then an hour and subsequent set ups should take you no more than 5 to 10 minutes.

    We are currently working hard to find you the best deals on awnings for campers. As we find the best deals available, we well be sure to post them on this site!

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