• Caravan Blinds: Which are the Best Fit

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    Going on a caravan vacation is a lot of fun. Before you leave make sure that you have the right caravan blinds to match your style and budget. The purpose of this article is to provide you with 7 tips that will help you get them both.

    Tip number One – It is okay to ‘window shop’. The truth is the greater variety of blinds you look at the more chances you have of finding something that is a perfect match to what you really want. I find that using the internet allows me to view the greatest variety in the shortest amount of time. Finding exactly what you want upfront can also save you a lot of time later on. You can also visit large online retailers.

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    The second tip is to set a price limit or a price range. This will allow you to narrow down your search and compare many different types of blind that fall within your budget. If you only want designer look by that make and model. If you only want cheap, shop based on price. It is also a good tip to keep you from overspend and allow to focus on finding a great deal.

    It’s okay to be choosy. You should make sure that whatever color you choose, it matches the interior of your caravan or RV. (The last thing you want to do is find out the blinds look good everywhere except in the RV.) Since color combinations go in and out of style, (especially on caravans or RVs) this may be a little to do with older, more mature vehicles. If you find it hard to find set of caravan roller blinds that matches, you may want to special order them or else buy them used.

    The next tip is absolutely essential. Make sure before you buy that the fitting will fit in the Caravan. A good tip is to go to the original manufacturers site and find out the size of the blinds they sell. (GM, Ford, Volkswagon) You can also buy directly from them while you are their, but more then likely you will find them for less somewhere else. Or, you can just go off of the measurements of your windows.

    What type of blind do you want?

    There are several different type of blinds you could buy. Caravan Roller blinds move up an down on a roller. These can be purchased and installed fairly easily. My advice is that a slightly more expensive version. (The cheapest ones tend to be flimsy and break easily.)

    The second type of bind are called sun blinds. These are usually strung across a stick or rod and tied up on either side of the window. These are some of the most economical blinds you can buy. If you are really strapped for cash, you can even make these yourself.

    The third type of caravan window blinds are cassette blinds. These kind have slits that can be opened even when the blinds are down. They also have another string that allows you to lift them up all the way. Most of these are inexpensive to moderately expensive, but a few designer style cassette blinds can be very expensive.

    Another popular option now a days if to have your caravan windows tinted from the outside. This gives you privacy but still allows you to see out the window. The only draw back to tinting is that it doesn’t work quite as well at night when the lights are on on it may darken or dim your views out the window during the daytime.

    If you are looking for caravan awnings, this is a site that I have found very useful and that I recommend.

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