• How are Cars and Rvs at An Auction often Rated

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    Before you attend a car or RV auction for the first time, you should Know that there will be a system in place to let you know what condition the car or RV is in. Sometimes they allow you to inspect the vehicle first hand and sometimes they do not. When they do not allow you to inspect them prior to bidding, they will assign them a color. The color code that they assign to the car or RV at the auction will help you to know what condition they’re in. This also saves time at car or RV auctions because they will not have to have the RV inspect by 100s of people. The three different color rating are green, yellow, and red.

    If for instance a car or gets a green light, the not means of the cart is in good condition. You should have too much trouble with it if you buy it from a car or RV auctions when it has a green light. This also means that the body and the exterior are in decent condition. You should be able to start it right up.

    If you buy a car or RV that has a yellow or red light, you will need to be a little bit more cautious. A yellow light generally means that the car does run, but it does have some mechanical, or visual defects. These will probably need to be fixed before you can sell the car. You need to be careful when buying cars and Rvs with yellow lights, sometime that can be a very good deal and sometimes not.

    If the car is given a red light, this means that the car does not run. They may tell you exactly what is wrong with that or they may not. Just depends on the auction. Usually the more advanced bidders will bid for these cars. They are generally pretty cheap and a lot of them are wrecked or salvage cars. They may be a great buy if you just want to buy a car or RV for parts. There is opportunity to make more money, there is also an opportunity to lose money. You have to be careful when you are bidding on cars or Rvs that are given a yellow or red rating.

    The auction rating system is not perfect, but it does give you a good idea of what condition you should expect the car or RV to be in and how much to pay for it.


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