• Repossessed RV and Motorhomes

    Five Different Reasons People Would Be Motivated to Give You a Discount on a Home or RV

    by  • September 12, 2012 • Repossessed RV and Motorhomes, RV Auctions, RV Foreclosures • 0 Comments

    If you have never been through hard times yourself, you may have difficulty understanding why other people would be willing to sell their home or RVs for less than half of what they owe on it. Personally, I have been through some tough times. I have had rental properties that have eaten a huge...

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    What are Repossessed Motorhome Auctions?

    by  • June 13, 2012 • Motorhome Auctions and Repossession, Repossessed RV and Motorhomes, RV Auctions • 0 Comments

    Repossessed motorhome auctions are auctions that sell motorhomes that have been repossessed by the lender. Buying motorhomes from this type of an auction is a great way to save money. Most repossessed motorhome auctions are held at an auction house or auction lot by a professional auction company. The lenders will hire a company...

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