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    With an relatively volatile market, it has definitely become one of the best buyer’s markets for buying cheap RVs and cheap motorhomes of the last twenty years. Cheap motorhomes and cheap RVs can be found fairly quickly in a lot of different places if you know where to look.

    At auctions, an RV will typically sell for 50 to 60% below their suggested retail prices. (A lot of times dealer inventory comes from these auctions.) Unlike repo real estate, repoed RVs have generally been taken good care and do not require a lot of repair work. When you buy at auction, avoid RVs that have above average wear and tear, or strong odors of mildew, pets and tobacco. You also want to avoid motorhomes that have high generator hours or that have been lived in for long periods of time.

    How to Find Cheap Motorhomes, and Cheap RVs for Sale?

    A good place to start looking for cheap motorhomes and cheap RVs is by reading through the local RV newspapers or magazines. Reading them on a local basis can help you find very good deals and learn where and when some auctions are taking place. Be wary of dealer gimmicks and remember that a lot of the best auctions may not be advertised here.

    Another way to find out about motorhome auctions before they happen is to call local lending institutions that lend on RVs and ask them about it. Smaller banks may be easier to track down the person with the right information. If you are making payments on a motorhome, you can start with the bank you are banking with. Otherwise, two or 3-5 minute calls to local dealership financing divisions will tell you a lot about which local banks lend on RVs. This process is known as following the money trail and it can often lead you to a cheap motorhome and cheap RVs for sale.

    Cheap campervans are particularly hard to hind. In some areas of the country, they are under stocked. Finding them at an auction can be a great way to find a bundle.

    The third way to find out about these RV auctions is to use the direct approach. Find out where and where these auctions occur from the people bidding on them. Smaller dealerships may be a lot more accommodating and some may even only charge a small fee, and they will help you find what you what you are looking for. This may actually be a great approach if you are short on time, and still want to get a great deal on a cheap RV. The dealer may also be a great resource to let you know what to watch out for when buying at auction.

    If you are interested in cheap RVs and cheap motorhomes, you may also be interested in finding out more about rv foreclosures, RV repos, and RV discounts

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