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    If you are seriously intent on finding cheap used boats for sale, you will definitely be able to do it. They say the the two happiest days in a man’s life are the day he buys a boat, and the day he sells it. If someone really needs to sell, you can help them out and get a great deal at the same time.

    There are several places you can look for to find cheap boats for sale other than in the classified section on the newspaper. A lot of times, RVs and Boats listed in the newspaper are overpriced. This is because often, this is the first place people think of listing a cheap boat for sale. However, the more places you know where to look, the more likely you are to find cheap used boats.

    1- Craigslist- This is an excellent resource in most cities around the US. Craiglist ads run for 1 to 4 weeks depending on the size of your city. The nice thing about it is that it is local, and that the ads ussually have pictures. By the picture, I can tell right away if I am interested, and if it is worth the drive to go out and take a look at it first hand. If you like the boat, but the price is too high, save the listing on your computer and try calling them 3 to 4 weeks later. Often, they will lower their price by then.

    2- RV and Boat magazines are a great resource to find local boats for sale. These also carry pictures, and because they offer so many private party cheap boats for sale, they will also attract many buyers. As far as selection goes, these magazines / classified offer some of the best. When looking for cheap used boats, don’t be afraid to call on old listings. A lot of times, these can be a gold mine if you find a seller that wants to sell quickly , but hasn’t been able to attract any attention.

    3- Boat Auctions- These often sell undervalued boats at values less than the dealer trade in. If you would like to save as much as 50%, then this is where you shop. Repo boats or boat foreclosures are a gold mine for the astute buyer. The trickiest part is to find them. Also some states require you to have dealer licenses to bid there, but most states don’t. These auctions are sometimes advertised in the local paper, or online. The key is to keep your search as local as possible. Never bid on any thing more than 200 miles away.

    4- Specialty car classifieds also often carry a list of boats for sale. This can also be a great resouce if you are looking to find boats for sale cheap.

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