• Choosing a Motorhome for Boondocking

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    RV Boondocking is the act of setting up camp in remote off-grid locations for free – is one style of RV travel that has many advantages. If you have a limited income, you will find that this form of travel is one of the best techniques for making your finite dollars last longer. It allows you to save on nightly camp fees and paying for hookups– two significant expensive in any RVer’s budget.

    Unfortunately, many people, when they are planning to take up the fulltime RV living lifestyle, plan poorly for the type of places they will be taking their recreational vehicle. Not just any motorhome is suitable for boondocking. On the low-end, it is possible to get a small travel trailer that just isn’t big enough. To camp away from utilities for any extended period of time requires a good supply of water.

    While some people may be willing to go without a shower for a couple of days, or even skimp on washing dishes; you simply must have enough water that you have plenty to drink, and to take care of any cooking needs. Water is an essential of life, and many small trailers come with either no, or very small, holding tanks.

    It is also possible to buy too much RV for remote camping. Some of the best free camping locations are on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) lands, and not of them all easy to get too. If you have an extremely long Class A motor coach, it is quite possible it may not be able to fit down the roads to the best locations. Naturally, this will be more of a problem in heavily forested areas than in the open desert.

    On the subject of water, there is more to the issue than just carrying plenty of fresh water for remote camping. You also have the issue of disposal. In most places, you cannot simply dump used water from your RV. This is illegal in many jurisdictions and also harsh on the environment. Instead, you need to have sizable gray and black water tanks on-board your motorhome. Figure out how long you will be out between dumpsites to determine how large the water tanks on your RV will need to be.

    Another item to consider when purchasing an RV for boondocking usage is power. Will you need to operate electrical appliances while you are away from the grid? The answer to this question is critical to your choice of vehicle. If you do not need electricity, then any RV or trailer will do.

    If you do need electricity however, then you will need to either have your recreational vehicle equipped with a Generator, or some sort of renewable system – probably solar. If Air Conditioning is a requirement then you really limit your choices, as it is a tremendous power hog. However, if you simply need to operate a laptop and a refrigerator, then a small solar setup and perhaps a canister of propane will keep you going for quite some time.

    I believe that a Class C motorhome – such as a Lazy Daze or a Born Free – is a great choice for most remote camping needs. They have the size and quality that they will not look out of place at a Luxury RV resort, yet are small – and self-contained – enough to be ideal for boondocking.

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