• What is a Class B Campervan?

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    A Class B campervan looks like a full size van on the outside, but on the inside, it is the perfect RV for a short term get away. Most camper vans have a queen bed, a dining table, a kitchenette and a TV. Some even have a bathroom and an outdoor shower.

    How much does a Class B Campervan cost?

    When new, some camper vans can cost up to $100,000. Even older units are still fairly expensive. The advantage of a camper van is that they get better mileage than most RVs.

    They are great for small groups of one to two persons, and camper vans are much smaller and easier to drive than most Class A’s and Class C’s you can buy. Sometimes it can be harder to find these units used because they can be used as a second car, so there is less motivation to sell them.

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