• Class B Motorhomes – 7 Tips to Finding Used Class B Motorhomes For Sale

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    A class b motorhome is the perfect cosy RV for a weekend getaway. If you are traveling long distances, class b motorhomes can typically save you a lot of money at the pump. Some Class B’s get up to 17 mpg. This is double or triple the mileage that you would get out of any other motorhome. Because most Class B’s get such great mileage and look like conversion vans on the outside, a lot of people use them as a second car. When I first started shopping locally for conversion vans, I was surprised by two different things. The first was it was very difficult to find one for sale and the other was that when I did find one, it was typically way over priced. This article will help teach you how to find more class B’s for sale and how to get a great deal the next time you buy one.

    Tip #1 Don’t buy new. Yes, you can buy a class B at a dealer, but keep in mind that an Rv can lose 1/3 of it’s value in the first year. This means a $75,000 motorhome will be worth $50,000 less next year. I have a hard time saving 25,000 a year, but I have an even harder time giving that much money away.

    Tip #2 Don’t buy too quickly. If you have to make payments on the RV, you will probably be making them for the next seven to ten years. Often, it will take a month or two to find a really good deal.

    Tip #3 Call on old listing, both in the newspaper and on craigslist. ( I keep listing up to two months old.) A lot of sellers make the mistake of only listing their motorhome for sale once. If it doesn’t sell they discontinue their listing. Sometimes it won’t sell because it is out of season or no one that week wanted the exact motorhome they offered. Most sellers are motivated to sell once they have made that decision. Calling someone 2 to 3 weeks after the listing has expired on a class b motorhome is a great way to find ‘hidden inventory’ and buy from sellers without any competition from other buyers. Also, you may find sellers have soften a little on the price they think their motorhome is worth.

    Tip #4 Find your own sources of inventory. Take the time to go to RV park-n-sales or RV trade shows and see what is parked in a the parking lot. (Coincidentally this is also a great way to sell an RV) If you see on while you are driving, leave your card with the owner and let them know that can call you when they want to sell it.

    Tip #5 Attend Car Auctions and Boating and RV auctions. A lot of time you can call the auction house and get a list of the inventory they will be selling. If they sell used class b motorhome than you are in luck. Often, these motorhome will sell for 30-40% less then private party. The only downside to buying class b motorhome from auctions is that they are generally sold as-is. But then again, I guess all RV’s are sold that way.

    Tip # 6 Thoroughly inspect the RV before buying it. Because you are buying a car and a home, make sure that you inspect both. Make sure the engine in mechanically sound and that the break, tires and frame are in good condition and that the fluids have been changed regularly. With the ‘home’ part of the inspection, check for leaks in the roof and around the window. Avoid ‘fixers’ that are never as good of a deal as them seem. Make sure the generator works and test all of the appliances.

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