• How Does RV Consignment Work?

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    RV Consignment – How to Consign RVs, and how do RV Consignment Sales Work?

    Most of the time, RV consignment means that you bring your RV to a dealer and they sell it for you. You agree to a price you are consigning your trailer or RV for, and they try to sell it for a little bit more. If they sell it for you they make a profit. Their profit is the difference between the consignment price and the actual sales price. Sometimes dealers or RV brokers will instead be willing to take a predetermined commissioned amount. Typically dealers only get paid if they sell the RV. Some dealers may also require an up front fee. Some times you may be asked to pay a cleaning fee or a stocking fee. Our advice is to find out if there will be additional fees ahead of time. Make sure that you add these fees to whatever you are willing to take as your base on the consignment price. Be aware that even if your coach doesn’t sell, you may still end up having to pay these fees.

    RV selling or consignment options:

    1) Consign your RV to a dealer.
    2) Trade it in for something bigger/smaller
    3) Use a local internet RV consignment retailer (most are scams) We suggest using RV HELP YOU SELL to help sell it locally. No costs to consign and you can still sell it!
    4) Sell your RV for Sale by owner. We suggest a large “For Sale” sign on the unit in a visible area (traffic helps), advertising in RV shopper print magazines and if you have to, the newspaper.
    5) Both 3 & 4. Use them both together. They don’t cost you anything.

    Where can I consign my RV?

    Virtually any corner, RV lot or dealership will be willing to consign your motorhome. Some may specialize in campers, some in fifth wheels and some in motorhomes. The best time to consign is in the early spring. The worst time to consign an RV or trailer is in the fall and winter.

    Where can I buy consignment RVs?

    Most RV lots have the majority of the inventory on consignment. Especially the higher priced motorhomes. Consignment RVs have a high markup on them.

    What are the benefits of RV consignment?

    No headaches or hassle selling your RV. The person you consign your RV to will hopefully know more about your RV than you do. Shop around because finding a good person to consign it to can save you money.

    What can I expect to consign my RV for?

    You should be able to get somewhere between the trade in value and the private party retail value. Don’t let them get away with paying you the trade in value if they are not paying you cash for your consigned RV. After all, you are providing them with risk free inventory. The reason why you probably won’t get the private party is because they are doing you the service of selling your RV for you. If dealers are low on inventory or think they can sell the consignment quickly, they may offer you more. It is a good idea to check with a few consignment dealers before consigning, just to make sure you are getting a good deal.

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