• How to Find Conversion Vans For Sale

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    Conversion vans are a great traveling van. They’re not as bulky as most RVs but still offer great comfort, entertainment, and often even an eating area. Another bonus to them is that they are easier to find and cheaper than a Class B Motorhome (which is basically the same thing as a conversion van – just add a bathroom).

    Depending on which part of the country you live in, you may have a difficult time finding conversion vans for sale. There are several reasons why their appears to be a shortage of conversion vans but one of the main reasons, is that when a the van gets old, rather then sell it, a lot of people keep it as a second car to drive. It has the appeal of not only being an RV but also being a car.

    Conversion vans are also popular as family vacation cars and work well for overnight camping trips. A lot of people feel that the 17 to 25 mpg they can get in their conversion van also makes it more affordable to drive than most other RVs.

    What is a conversion van? At the very least, it is large van with a seat the makes into a queen bed, a tv, and it has an electrical outlet or two. Some conversion vans have a table, a kitchenette, a bathroom, internet capabilities, rv hook ups, a gas generator, and an outdoor shower.

    Conversion vans are also very popular for single RVers. After losing a spouse, many people that like to rv will commonly trade a Class A or a Class C in for a Class B conversion van. This still allows them to easily go on trips and get better mileage when they do go.

    So here is the real question: How do I get a good deal on a conversion vans for sale and where do I find them. Well there are basically 3 place to buy them the first is private party, the second if from a new or used RV dealer, and the third is from a repo auction. Shopping at a dealer’s lot is the easiest place to find a few models to look at and be able to compare retail prices. Dealers often carry high mark up and even if the dealer got a great deal on the rv, it may be difficult for you to see the savings. For new conversion vans, you would need to buy them from a dealer, but for used vans you best bet to find a great deal, it through a private party seller. Sometime you can even find them at used RV auctions.

    To find the best deals on private party used conversion vans for sale, you may want to check the local classified and see what is currently being advertised. You can also find deals in magazines and newspapers designed specifically for RVs. You should also look through older newspaper because most of the listings expire before the motor homes actually sell. Another place you can look is craigslist. Occasionally you may also find a good deal on RV trader. (Although today this site is mostly spammed by dealers.) Every once in a while you can find a deal or two on eBay. I would search completed listing for items that didn’t sell and then contact the sellers that live within a 100 miles of you. If you live near a big city, this will yield better results.

    An important thing to remember when buying an RV is that the rates are always negotiable. Occasionally, if the seller is anxious to sell, they may be more then anxious to sell. In dealing with hundreds of different sellers, there are usually 10-15% of them at any given time that are desperate to sell. Most of the time, sellers start out demanding a price that if a little higher than average, and then drop their price if they are having trouble finding interest.

    The market for a conversion vans is smaller then the traditional RV market. The downside is that when you are selling you may only get a few phone calls. The upside is that people asking about these rvs will generally have a higher degree of interest then other RV buyers and you may only need to show it once or twice to make a sell.

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