• 6 Ways to Find Discount RVs

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    When it comes to finding a great deal on your next RV, or getting a great discount, there are not a lot of sites out there that make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. There are several ways to get a great discount on the purchase of your next RV. Lets talk about five ways you can get a great deal when you buy an discount RV from a dealer.

    Timing- Depending on how slow or fast the market is, June is one of the best times to buy an RV. This is right at the end of the dealer’s selling season. Most dealers are looking to get rid of last years models so they can buy the new year’s model

    Manufacture’s Rebates- Make sure that you ask if there are any available manufacturer rebates on the RV. When they have them, these rv discounts range from $50 to 10,000 dollars. Some times the dealers get these rebates from buying in bulk and they can pass the savings on to you. This is a great way to get an rv discount.

    Seasonal- If it snows where you live, you may get a lot of leverage by going to the dealer, a day or two after the first snow fall. Dealer traffic during this time period is limited and as a buyer, you have a lot more leverage. Some dealers will be glad to sell at this time you they don’t have to pay interest on the rvs until the next buying season.

    Manufacture’s dealers incentives- Some high volume dealers can get a discount if the reach the manufacturer’s quota for selling a high number of RVs. If dealers are close to reaching their goals, they may let you buy it for close to invoice.

    Model / Factory Closeouts- I also added model close outs, because the RV industry is very volatile. During slow economic times, many dealers and manufactures go out of business. When models or brand become obsolete, this is always a great time to find a deal.

    Unpopular Designs- Some of these models include front kitchen, and rear bathroom or coaches with odd interior colors. If you like the un ordinary or don’t mind it, you may be able to walk away with a very good rv discount.

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