• Dolphin Motorhomes: Choosing Between Class A, B, and C

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    Although Dolphin Motorhomes and Dolphin RVs are reliable motorhomes, they are relatively hard to find. According to blue book results, the dolphin rv was only manufactured from 1981 to 1991. The most popular brand during this time was the Dolphin Toyota. Below is a picture of what the one looks like.

    Dolphin Rvs and motorhomes were manufactured for about a decade. One of the most popular models of the dolphin motorhomes was the Toyota dolphin motorhome. It is called the tuna dolphin because the motorhome actually rests on the chassis of a Toyota truck. Because it is powered by a tailor the truck, it gets relatively good gas mileage. When it was manufactured, the tuna dolphin was a very reliable and inexpensive motorhome. Today they are also not very expensive to buy. They are a very good deal if you can find one for sale.

    The dolphin motorhome is small for a class C RV. From the outside, it does not look much bigger than a truck with a camper shell. But since it is a motorhome, it is taller than a camper, and better designed. If you are interested in the dolphin motorhome, you have fairly good case. It looks like it was originally built for sleep 4 to 6 people. Since the production of the dolphin motorhome has long been viewed, you may have trouble finding replacement parts. One place where you can check for parts, is your local Toyota dealer. You can also try to find an old one, and salvage it for parts as well.. If you are looking for a turtle dolphin motorhome for sale, you can often times, you can find them for sale online on places like craigslist and eBay. There is also a chance you can find them for sale at an auction.

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    Whether you are looking Dolphin motorhomes or other quality RVs in your search, knowing about the different types of motorhomes available will help you to choose the one that will best suit your needs and preferences.

    There are three major types of motorhomes categorized as Classes A, B, and C.

    Class A. These are the largest motorhomes, including the “luxury” models, with lengths starting at 26 feet and going up to 45 feet. They are built on a motorhome specific chassis, designed just for these types of vehicles. There are both gas and diesel-powered models, with the diesel kind typically being more expensive. They usually feature slide-outs (part of a room slides out at the push of a button creating a larger area), a fully-equipped kitchen, bathroom, bedroom(s), and may include extras like washer/dryers and flat screen LCD TVs. The more expensive they are, the more features they will have. These RVs have varied floor plans with numerous choices for how the interior looks and what it includes. They also usually have plenty of storage room for everything you need to bring with you.

    Class B. Often called “camper vans” or “van conversions,” Class B motorhomes are built on a van chassis and only measure around 17-19 feet in length. The roof is higher so you can stand up when you are inside and there are still plenty of amenities even with the decreased space. Those features do tend to be fewer, smaller and serve multiple purposes like a table that turns into a bed. While there is not as much space, there are still basics like a sink, small fridge, toilet and electric outlets. Because these motorhomes are smaller, they are not particularly accommodating for large groups or long trips. A bonus is that they will get better gas mileage than other RVs, typically 22-25mpg for diesel models, and are easier to drive around town with their smaller size.

    Class C. Also known as “mini-motorhomes” or “cab-over motorhomes,” they are similar to Class A models, but are smaller. Typically measuring 22-35 feet in length (they are built on an auto chassis), they usually have a second bed over the cab (where the “cab-over” name comes from). They can have slides-outs in multiple living areas and a wide range of features and upgrades. The smaller size and lesser cost without having to sacrifice as much space or as many amenities as with the Class Bs, makes them popular with new, budget-minded and family RV enthusiasts.

    In addition to what class, layout and interior amenities you prefer, you will need to take price into consideration when looking at motorhomes. Prices vary greatly with size, features and upgrades, but Class A motorhomes tend to start around $60,000 new and go up to $600,000 with the truly custom ones costing millions. Class Bs are in the $40,000-$100,000 range and Class C is in-between at $50,000-$150,000. Used prices depend on condition, age, and mileage in addition to everything else, so it is a good idea to do look at the KBB or NADA guide as well as talk to local dealers to determine if a price is about right.

    The best way to ultimately decide which class of Dolphin motorhomes is right for you is to look at several different ones. Go in and see the different layouts and upgrades, keeping in mind how you will use the RV. Take several types for a test-drive. Ask neighbors and friends about their experiences and preferences. You may want to rent a couple RVs over different weekends to see how you like them before settling on which one to purchase.

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    1. mary t. hennings
      August 31, 2013 at 10:48 pm

      i have a 1992 dolphin for sale 31′ very clean, sleeps 6 every thing works. new tires, new toilet, new micro and confection oven. a lot of storage in and out. 92,000 miles, runs great, and a lot of work has been put into this very nice rv. i do not know how much i should ask for it, i paid $8,500.00. it is in great shape thank you, mary t.

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