• What are the Different Kinds of Enclosed Trailers?

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    The term enclosed trailer covers a huge variety of inventory. So we will break it down here. Enclosed trailers include everything from an empty single axle trailer that has walls and is roofed to a large tandem axle walled/roofed trailer that has living quarters in it. They are used for just about anything you can think of as well; for short trips, for long hauls and sports competitions, for servicemen to work out of. No matter what you need one for, you are certain to find one to fit your needs perfectly. In general when you are choosing an enclosed trailer, you are choosing from the following options:

    * Single axle cargo trailer
    * Tandem axle cargo trailer (these have higher weight capacity than single axle)
    * Car Haulers
    * Car Haulers with living quarters (These are typically known as toy haulers.)
    * Motorcycle trailers
    * Concession trailer

    This fits most of the categories of enclosed trailers, but each category has several different features to choose from making several different trailers – customized to fit your needs.

    What are the different features and specifications?

    There are several options to choose from with any enclosed trailer. The basic bare trailer will have a standard width of 5’ and height of 6’ (the length depends entirely on what you are looking for). The wheels will be on the small side (approx. 15”), but this depends on the size of trailer you are looking at, and the manufacturer. The interior plywood comes at a standard floor thickness of ¾” and wall thickness of 3/8”. There will be one set of double doors in the rear of the trailer. They will have a simple jack like a drop foot jack, and the simplest set of lights (something like just some 12 volt tag lights). Almost always the roof will be made of galvanized steel to keep it from rusting or having weather problems for many years. Most add-ons will cost extra but may be necessary for you. They can also make using the trailer very handy. Here is a list of potential add-ons:

    Rear Ramp Door – you would want this if you are towing a lot of wheeled equipment like vehicles, or big machinery. A rear ramp would allow you to push or ride your equipment right into the trailer without having to fiddle with a separate ramp or ramps which can be dangerous if they drop off the edge on accident. (I have seen this happen and it can be very scary.)

    Extra height – You can get extra height on the trailer one of two ways: buy a trailer that has extended height, or buy a rounded top trailer. Trailers are often extended to be as tall as 7 feet. This is great for tall people so they don’t have to hunch, if you will be standing on equipment to load it etc. The rounded roofs will not obviously give the extra height on the sides, as it will come down the meet the standard height walls.

    V-Nose – Adding a v-nose is supposed to help out with aerodynamics to give you better gas mileage when towing. In the research I have done, it is apparent that the gas mileage is improved by having a V-nose, but not by a lot. The average I found was that is saves around 2 mpg. The other advantage of having a V-nose is there is extra storage space in the front of the trailer since the V is not included in the trailer length.

    Extra Side Door – This is a handy thing to have if you are filling up your trailer to the brim and/or you only have a ramp door in the rear. A side door is much easier to open and close than the big ramp door, making your life much easier. The cost of this extra door is comparatively small and worth it.

    Stabilizer Jacks – which helps with safety as the trailers get larger.
    There several other options including: paint colors, interior and exterior, skirting, plated ramp, more lighting, upgrade in plywood, trailer brakes, etc.

    How do I choose the best enclosed trailer for me?

    To determine what the best trailer for you to get is, you need to decide exactly what you will be using it for. First, you need to know how big a trailer you want and how much weight you plan on towing. Those two things will also help you determine if you should buy a single or tandem axle trailer. The larger the trailer you will be getting, the more likely you will want (and sometimes be required to have) brakes on the trailer. Moe lighting as the trailer gets larger is better. Other features are based on what you are towing and your personal preference.

    What kind of tow vehicle do I need for an enclosed trailer?
    How do I find the best deals on enclosed trailers?

    The best deals on almost any large purchase item can be found used.Every once in a while dealers have blowout sales that crumple even used prices. (You can read about that on this page on rv dealers.) When buying a used enclosed trailer, try to get one that is 3-4 years old. They will be in the best shape at this age and will still have plenty of wear left on them. You can find great deals online at craigslist.com or on ebay. (We have an article will show you how to save yourself hundreds of dollars when you are bidding for large items on ebay.) You can also look through your local paper for good deals on enclosed trailers. You want the little classified paper, not the newspaper.

    Checkout those other articles for more help in buying and happy hunting for your enclosed trailer!

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