• Four Tips For Car and RV Auctions

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    RV auctionQuite a bit of money can be saved when purchasing a used car or motor home at an auto auction. Prices may vary based on the inventory available and the attendance of people. There is usually a set price for each auto, and then the bidding amount increases as each item has a turn to be bid upon. A few points to keep in mind are as follows:

    1) Get to the car or RV auction as soon as it opens. This will allow more time for you to examine the autos.

    2) Do your research ahead of time so you will have an understanding as to how much the autos are worth, and how much you would anticipate paying.

    3) Bring enough cash to make a purchase. Many RV and auto auctions insist that you pay immediately if you win the auction.

    4) Become a frequent visitor of auto auctions. This will give increase your confidence and experience, and you may also find a lot more bargains.

    Have Fun at Live Car and RV Auctions

    live rv auctionFew places have the fun and adrenaline rush that a live RV auction does. Since the advent of eBay, most everyone has enjoyed the rush of bidding and winning in an auction, but few people have had that opportunity in person.

    Live auctions are a lot of fun because you can check out a bunch of different cars and RVs, chat with your potential opponents, and perhaps go home with a steal of a deal!

    Some states don’t allow the general public to bid, but several states do. If your state is one that only allows licensed dealers to bid, don’t let that stop you. Just find a good dealer you can trust and hire him to go bid for you. You can usually get in with them and enjoy the experience as well.

    There are a few things to keep in mind at an auction. Be sure to take someone with you who is qualified (if you are not that person), to tell if the vehicle is in good enough condition, and if not, what you will have to put into it to get it fixed. Also, give yourself a caution for repairs and DON’T go above that spending limit. Do not become too attached or too emotional when you are bidding.

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