• How to Find Gooseneck Trailers?

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    A gooseneck trailer as the name implies, is a trailer with a goose-like neck that rather than connecting to the tailgate of your truck, connect to the middle of your truck bed. Most fifth wheels and flat bed trailers connect this way. This can also apply to boat trailers and rv campers. This type of connection allows you more control over your load. and allows you to pull a heavier load. In addition a goose neck design allows you to make sharper turns even though the load you are carrying may be longer.

    In fifth wheel trailers, this gooseneck design allows the trailer manufacturer to install an over the cab bed. This allows you to sleep two additional people in the fifth wheel trailer,

    The in-bed trailer hitches that accompany a goose neck trailer often are expensive, some are $500 to $2,000 dollars. Most of the if you are buying a used RV or motorhome you can talk the owner into also giving you the hitch. These hitches work best with medium to heavy duty full size truck the axle usually need to be at least ¾ ton, but 1 ton and higher will work even better. The type of engine you want is a V-8 or better, but it depend a lot on what you are driving. In bed hitch can usually be installed a removed.

    The gooseneck trailer hitch looks similar to the type of hitch trucking companies use to haul their trailers with.

    One thing to be careful of with a goose necked trailer is that un inclement weather conditions it is possible to loose control and jack-knife one of these trailers. Special consideration should be taken when going down hills, particularly in rainy or icy weather conditions.

    Before buying new or used gooseneck trailers, you should check out some of the following items:
    Does your truck and hitch meet the hauling requirements of the trailer (both light and heavy weights? Does the trailer you are driving balance well when you drive it, ? How are the tires? (Some of these trailers have 2 to 3 sets of tires and finding replacement tires after you buy the trailer can be expensive. How well do the axles hold up? Do you feel safe driving this trailer?

    Gooseneck trailers with boats and flatbed trailer:

    When hauling a boat you should take special consideration about the length and width of the boat you are hauling. With both of these types of trailers you will need a little extra room when you are turning, especially when you are turning to the right.

    Here is another word of caution. As a result of towing a long trailer, you will have a rather large blind spot. (Some of these trailers can be 20 to 25 ft long.) It will be a good idea to get ‘blind spot mirror inserts installed if you do not already have them. With flat bed trailer you want to be sure not to turn too quickly so that you do not loose any of your cargo.

    Goose neck trailers vary greatly in price. As a general rule, you will get a better deal when you buy a used trailer. We suggest that you buy a used trailer that is less then five years old with limited use and that is still in fairly reliable condition. Trailer that are 2-3 years old typically seal for 35% percent less then they do brand new. Trailers that are 4 to 5 years old typically sell for 50% of what they originally cost brand new.

    When buying a used gooseneck trailer, craigslist or the local newspaper classified is a good place to check. If possible you might want to look through old classifieds as well, since most trailers do not sell the first time they are listed in the newspaper. Also finding a seller in an outdated classified listing may be more beneficial to you any way because you will be the only buyer in sight and therefore have more leverage to negotiate a great deal.

    For more information on finding trailers and RVs in foreclosure, follow this link. Good luck finding the right goose neck trailer for you.


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