• Guide to Camper Awnings

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    Awnings for Campers are an inexpensive, easy way to make your whole RV experience more enjoyable. They are made of canvas, acrylic or plastic, are generally retractable, and are attached to the outside of your RV. During the heat of the day, an awning provides additional shade from the sun and allows your air conditioning to work more efficiently. On those rainy days when your RV seems just a little too cramped, your awning can provide more waterproof space for your family.

    Camper awnings come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some cover only a door or window, while others run the whole length of the RV. All awnings are mounted with some kind of structure, though the material for that structure can be aluminum, steel or wood. It is important to check your awning supports regularly and replace or repair them as soon as you notice any damage. Broken supports can damage the material of the awning, necessitating early replacement. A caravan awning will last as long as your RV as long as you care for it well. The water-proofing can break down if water is allowed to pool in one place, so make sure that the awning is at the proper angle and is pulled taught. Before storing your awning, clean it carefully, and ensure that it is dry and wrinkle-free. When not in use, roll it up to protect it from wind damage.

    You can purchase an awning from an RV dealer, RV a camping store, or on-line at used rv auctions. While dealers tend to be more expensive, they have a larger selection than camping stores and they will open install the awning for you. On-line stores may have lower prices, but you will have to pay shipping and will likely have to install it yourself. Installation can usually be completed in about an hour, and do-it-yourself installation will save you money no matter where you purchase your awning.

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