• How to Buy a Used RV from a Dealer

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    How to Buy a New or Used RV or Motorhome and Beat the Dealer at Their Game

    As a former RV salesman, I am quite familiar with how the game is played. Let’s start by mentioning three things that people do WRONG to try to get a better deal when buying a motorhome or RV. These things don’t work!

    1) Buyers pretend not to be interested in a coach they really want. They don’t want to appear vulnerable. They think that by displaying emotion, they will be taken advantage of. Truth: They will probably know that you want it anyway, and they will realize that you are insecure about making the decision and ultimately these will give you less control over the final out come.

    2) Buyers focus exclusively on problems, I call this negative buying. These buyers can talk themselves out of anything. Ultimately they waste a lot of time and they may lose a few good deals because they only focus on what they don’t like, rather than what they do like. After buying an RV or motorhome, they may continue to be pessimistic towards it.

    3) Saying they are ‘cash buyers’ and asking for a discount. In reality the dealer could care less if you pay cash or finance the motorhome. The dealer gets cash for the motorhome no matter how the RV is purchased. Dealers that provide in-house financing may look at cash as a negative because dealers make less in interest off of cash buyers as a generality, cash buyers tend to be more frugal in purchasing extended warranties etc.

    What is the right way to buy a motorhome or RV and get the best price from the dealership?

    The absolute BEST way to buy a motorhome is first decide on what you want and on how much you are willing to pay for it, budget for it, and start saving so you can either pay cash for it, or at least have a large down payment to put down.

    When you are ready to buy, go into a dealership and say, “I am ready to buy a motorhome, I am buying one this weekend and this is what I am going to buy”. This will get you a lot of positive attention both from the individual sales person and the dealership/owner. After you have looked at the motorhome and you are satisfied with it, tell the salesperson you are ready to buy and will buy it if they can meet your price and terms. Then you make an offer. On a new motorhome, most offers that come within 25-35% of suggested retail will be presented to the sales manager.

    It is important to remember that if their competitor has the same model in stock, this will give you considerably more buying power. If one competitor carries Itasca and one carries Winnabego, they are essentially the exact same thing, and they can be played against one another.

    If the dealer doesn’t agree to your terms, it is important to remind them again that you are serious about buying a motorhome this weekend and if you can’t buy it there, you will just have to buy it from a competitor. In most cases, the dealer would be more willing to sell a motorhome at cost, than to see a competitor make money off of you.

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