• How to Inspect a Repo RV

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    Purchasing a repo RV is a great way to buy a nice RV for less than you would pay new. They are frequently repossessed in the first few years of ownership, so they tend to be fairly new, in good condition and have the latest features and upgrades. However, since they are used, it is important to inspect them carefully. Even if you don’t have a lot of mechanical knowledge, you can carefully look over the vehicle for problems or signs of a possible problem so you will know whether or not to continue considering it.

    Exterior. Start by looking over the outside. If it is dirty, has rust spots or peeling paint, then it is probably either pretty old or may not have been well-maintained. Also make sure the unit comes with a clean title. RV insurance will be a lot easier to get with a clean title.

    Interior. Look for signs of water damage first. Even if it seems minor, water damage can be worse than it appears and is very costly to fix. Signs of water damage include soft wall paneling, mold, mildew and a sagging ceiling. Also look for signs that the RV has been lived in for extended periods. Sometimes a repo motorhome or RV was used as a dwelling by an owner who was struggling with financial hardships.

    It will not be in as good of shape as an RV that only saw the typical seasonal use. If the upholstery seems very worn and has holes or other problems, the RV may have been lived in for awhile. Very high mileage or generator use can also indicate this issue. Also note any strange odors. Smells can be very difficult to get out of an RV.

    . Run both the air conditioning and heater to make sure each one of them works. Look at the generator and make sure it is working correctly and looks like it is in good condition. You can check out the water system as you try out the different fixtures. Try to notice anything that looks broken, is in poor condition or seems out-of-place.

    Appliances and Fixtures. Start by turning on the sink to make sure you can get both hot and cold water. Inspect the fridge, microwave, oven and/or stove top to see if they are in good working condition. Check that all the lights turn on and off. Flush the toilet and turn on the shower. If something isn’t quite working right, that isn’t necessarily a red flag. Something minor that can be easily fixed on an otherwise great RV is nothing to worry about. But if many things are broken, then chances are the RV has seen a lot of use or the previous owner didn’t take very good care of it, both of which can mean greater problems down the road.

    Features. Try any slide-outs to see that they are working correctly. Check beds, especially any that pullout or down or that convert from a table or bench. Check that any power features are functioning. Look to see if all the upgrades are in working condition.

    Be sure to ask to see any available maintenance paperwork when you are inspecting a repo RV. Sometimes there won’t be any, but seeing any work that it has had and that the routine maintenance has been done can help you decide whether or not to buy it.

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