• How to Find Bank Repo Rvs Before an RV Auction

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    Did you know that you can find great deals on used Rvs before they go to an auction? You can find these by calling the lenders and asking them if they have any inventory for sale. Most of the time, we recommend that people will call the credit unions and not even waste their time calling the banks because they have a much better chance of getting someone who will talk to them when they call a credit union. If I were going to start looking for a bank repo RV today, I would make a list of all of the credit unions that are located in my state. Then I would start calling them one by one and asking them if they have any repossessed cars or RVs for sale. Keep a list of the ones that currently have them and also find out which ones will sell them to owners if they did have them. This will save you some time, when you called back later to see if they have any more repo Rvs.

    Another advantage of working with a credit union rather than working with a bank, is that because credit unions are smaller, it is generally easier to find someone who knows what you are looking for, and it is also easier to get them to accept an offer. Some of them may have Rvs but they may not sell them to individuals. Sometimes they just sell them all at an auction and clean up their books all at the same time. If this is the case, you should find out when they are going to sell them an auction so that you can be there in order to bid.

    There are some advantages to buying before and RV auction. The major advantage is that you do not have as much competition. At an auction, there will usually be a minimum of four or five people that are interested in every RV. When you are buying it from the bank, you are going to be submitting offers directly to them. And then they will have a chance to set up the first offer that meets their selling criteria. As long as your offer is equal to or greater than their criteria for selling you the RV, they will accept it. Some people keep submitting offers until you have one that they will accept.


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