• Inspecting Motor Homes and Travel Trailers Before an Auction

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    Before bidding on motorhomes or travel trailers for sale at auction, it is necessary to inspect the vehicle carefully. After you win the bid, the vehicle is yours along with any problems it might have. Therefore, doing some homework on the matter before you bid your hard earned money on it is ideal.

    Inspect the vehicle thoroughly. Look inside and outside. Check the tires, engine, and accessories. Check for wear in the upholstery especially for signs that is has been lived in for an extended period of time. Pay special attention to smells, especially pet and cigarette odors or any attempts to cover them up. You may not mind these smells, but they may make it much more difficult for you to turn around and sell later on.

    Some repossessed trailers and RVs can be an awesome deal, but you don’t want to buy a vehicle that requires twice what you paid for it in repairs for it to work! So be sure to do your homework at RV and travel trailer auctions. When handing over the money, keep your cool and realize there will be another deal another day, if this one doesn’t work out for you. .

    Cash or debit cards are accepted at many auctions. However, a fee is sometimes charged for paying with credit. In nearly every case, the auction sale if final. Even if you want your money back, it will be hard to get. It is a good idea to phone ahead and inquire about their procedures. It is always best to be prepared. Look for surplus, impound and towed autos as well. These are great investments.

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