• Motorhome-RV – A Good Resource to Help you Avoid Scams

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    Motorhome-RV.org is the number one online site for helping you find reputable RV auctions. Because RVs are so expensive, there are many scams associated with buying and selling them.

    Sellers Scam Sellers most often get scammed by people telling them they have a buyer for their RV. They tell of that if they spend money to advertise their RV, that they will deliver the buyer. The even found some way to your house to take pictures, and pick up the check. However, the buyer never arrives. Had a friend that lost more than $1200 on this scam. Another scam many people fall into his listing their RV on a place called national multi-list. The charge about $400 for you to list your RV for sale online. There are a lot of other places like RVsalebyowner.com that deliver you a better return in terms of quality buyer traffic and they are also free to list. So save your for your dollars and get better results!

    Buyers Scam never except partial payment, or money order, or personal check for your RV. RVs are very hard to track once they cross state lines. This can get paid is with a cashiers check from the bank. Sometimes I dream to deliver the RV yourself, is a good way to get the sellers address. If they are financing the RV, make sure you get the check from the bank directly. It is always a good idea to receive money before signing over your RV.

    Our goal is help you find reputable RV auction companies online, as well as in your area. On this page, we’re going to start a list of auction companies. If you find good companies you would like to list, please, that with the company name, and description of what they sell, and we will be happy to add to our list. If you have a bad experience with one of the companies, make sure to tell us, and we will remove them from our list of recommended sites. Thank you for your help in making this site great!

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