• Why I Love Repo RV Auctions?

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    Repo RV auctions and repo motorhome auctions are a chance to walk away with a steal of a deal. Did you ever wonder why people say that a vehicle drops in value when you drive it off the lot? This is because they are getting seriously ripped off buying from the dealer and they don’t want to admit it. When a dealer drives a car off an RV auction lot, this car goes up in value and not down. Dealers know this, that’s how they make their money. In a few states, dealers have fought hard to shut out private buyers. They make it a requirement to have a dealer license before you even bid.

    Most of the time RV repos and Motorhomes are sold at regular car auctions. Some of the best reasons for buying at a repo RV auction or car auction are as follows:

    Most motorhomes and Rv are extremely overpriced. They have a built in 40% margin on each sale. This is partially due to the fact that most RV sales are seasonal and dealers need to make up the difference for the months they are not working. Buying at auction, can help you avoid these huge commission you would otherwise be paying and save a ton of cash.

    Most RV Auctions have a 100% turnover on inventory. This means that every time you go to an auction the Rvs that are being sold will be entirely different. Not only that, but a lot of the people bidding at the auction will be different too. The best way to ensure you get a good deal of the perfect RV of Motorhome is to frequent auction regularly.

    Probably one of the greatest benefits of buying at repo rv auctions is that you don’t have to deal with a pushy salesman taking away your keys and telling you they won’t let you leave until you buy one of their ridiculously overpriced vehicles. At repo motorhome auctions, you let the market decide the value. The market is only composed of the people who are present. The people present are all expecting a great deal and most people are interested in different cars. The result is that the prices are artificial less then the market demand and this allows you to get a great deal.

    Most auctions sell cars for cash. Although this can be a little harder to come up with on some of the more expensive models. You can be glad you won’t have to deal with a miserable monthly payment.


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