• Reasons to Buy a Volkswagen Campervan

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    As far as camper vans go, one of the most famous and popular is the Volkswagen camper van . These camper vans often receive the nickname of “hippie mobiles” and are used in a lot of Hollywood movies. However, the real reason why these vans were so popular has to do with how the car was built.

    With gas prices so high these days, you will be happy to know they are very cheap to drive. Additionally, these vans are pretty economical to use. This is because they have a small rear engine and small tires.

    All of these vans have a lot of windows, and this makes them excellent for scenic touring. If you are traveling across country, you will like the fact that there are so many windows. It gives you a panoramic view of the countryside as you’re driving. They actually have more windows than any other type of van.

    Thirdly, these vans can easily carry passengers. In developing nations, the Volkswagen van is referred to as the minibus, which can quickly and efficiently transfer large amount of people from place to place.

    Fourthly, Volkswagen camper vans can be used as a camper when you’re going on a trip. They often come with a rear bed, a kitchenette and rear curtains. Sometimes the Volkswagen campervan will even come with a bathroom and a TV.

    Fitth, Most VW camper vans last a long time due to fine German engineering. Some types of camper vans have been known to last more than 20 years. Usually, parts are pretty easy to find and replace also. Until the 1990’s, the design for these camper vans changed very little. A lot of people also bought them because they were very affordable.

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