• Where to Buy Used Recreational Vehicles and Motorhomes?

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    There are several places you can buy a recreational vehicle and get a great deal.

    1) You can buy new from a dealer or buy used from a dealer. Beware, dealers can get you financed for 40% above invoice. (This doesn’t mean the RV is worth what they say all the time). When buying a motorhome you may want to ask the dealer what their invoice price was. You may be able to negotiate your purchase price down to the invoiced amount. Like used cars, dealers often make higher margins on used inventory rather than on new inventory. This may allow you to get more of a discount.

    2) You can buy used recreational vehicles and trailers from rv classifieds. This is a great place to compare similar models. Also these classifieds typically include pictures which allow you to window shop several models as simultaneously. It is a good idea to check these regularly. Lots of motorhomes are only listed for 1 to 2 weeks. Most of these motorhomes don’t sell. You can write down the names and information of the sellers and call them a few weeks after their ads expire. You may find that they are much more willing to negotiate a reasonable price with you.

    3) Internet classifieds such as Craigslist and Kijiji and RVhelpusell. Also you can try http://rvsalebyowner.com. These are local and you can typically just drive and look at the RV before you decide to make and offer. Ocasionally you can also find RVs in pre-foreclosure and get very good deals.

    4) Other newspapers. Local papers often carry good deals. Look for bigger papers that carry sections on recreational vehicles. The best newspapers also have specific sections on fifth wheels, motorhomes and trailers. Most people only advertise for 1-2 weeks and they usually don’t sell. Feel free to call on old ads as this may save you a lot of money because the sellers may have lowered their expectations and their selling price.

    5) Storage units are also a great place to find good deals. People are paying to store stuff they are currently not using, and probably owe money on. You can find great deals here.

    6) Look for Park n’ Sells or motorhomes with for sale signs. The owners here are serious about selling.

    If you have any questions regarding the value, check the NADA Guide for RVs. at www.nada.com. Best luck on finding a great deal on a recreational vehicle, trailer or motorhome!

    * Find out more about RV auctions.


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