• Repo Boats: These Are Your Golden Ticket?

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    Repo boats are an amazing opportunity for you! A repossessed boat is your key to the open sea! Get your hands on a repo boat and expect to save hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

    Have you ever thought about buying a boat? Do you currently own boats but would like to purchase more? Are you looking for an investment boat to turn into a profit? How does saving up to 80% on the boat of your dreams sound?

    Repo boats are an incredible way to save for prudent buyers. When the number of “non performing assets,” liquidators are carrying sit stagnant, they move quickly and at unheard of prices. These liquidators are not in the business of “storing,” property and they surely do not want to get to that point, so they send the excess property, usually to auctions, and the repo boats get sold for prices one can only dream of getting a boat for.

    It is more possible now than ever to get your hands on repo boats at smashing prices, and that includes any and all boats. From the simplest of boats to the most elaborate, they are repo’ed every day and then sent to these very auctions.

    Boat repo happens everyday from Jon boats, to speed boats to yachts… and one can get these repo boats at severely low prices if they know where to look.

    More loans have gone into default in 2009 than in the past 10 years, making it impossible for lenders to do anything but “let them go,” at unbeatable prices. They just want “out,” of the hassle.

    Boat repossessions are considerably on the rise due the slow and stagnant economy. By and large, boats are considered a luxury item, in most cases leaving the struggling bill payer with no choice but to surrender this type of debt first. If the struggling bill payer is forced to choose between letting go of some of their assets then most likely, they will look to the items they use the least, like a boat.

    If not from the struggling bill payer, where else do these mass quantities of repo boats come from?

    Well, besides the original owners failing to keep up with payments and the like, many boats due to the high nature of luxury they do offer, have been purchased or stolen through criminal activity.

    When these boats are seized, they are left in the hands of banks and lending institutions, even law enforcement and all they want to do is get the money they can out of these vessels, and close the door on the hoards of excess property. Repo boats truly are a boat buyer’s golden opportunity.

    The new buyer reaps the benefits because most of these boats are in top condition, as the original owner “expected” to stay on top of payments and did not or could not. They are then liquidated, and in most cases sent to auctions where the original lender normally expects to get only 75% on average for the property. If you imagine 75% off on a $65,000 boat then you are talking gigantic, almost embarrassing savings. Boat repossessions happen everyday in the thousands, leaving enormous amount of stock for the new boat buyer to comb through.

    Locating these repo boats can and will take a degree of patience, but patience is a virtue when it comes to saving the way one can on buying a repo boat.

    If you are willing to do the work, imagine the rewards!

    Buying repo boats is the “wave,” of the future!

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