• RV Boondocking Basics

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    When you’re talking about when going RV boondocking, you are usually talking about dry RV camping, or going camping without hookups for free. Well, I really don’t blame you, paying $20 per night to stay at an RV campground can be expensive. You don’t even need to stay at a campground. After all, a lot of RVs come with their own showers, their own generator, their own heating and air-conditioning and their own satellite TV and Internet. It is even better than a three star hotel! You can go boondocking in the woods, or at any parking lot. It is also fun and kind of exciting to go camping somewhere with out permission. Even though boondocking is fun, and a good way to save money, you should be very careful about how you do it.

    RV Boondocking Locations

    RV Boondocking Walmart- one of the most popular places for people to go boondocking for the last decade is  to boondocks their RV at Walmart. It used to be allowed everywhere, but because some people have wanted to stay for a few days or even weeks, there are some Walmarts that have started to not allow it. While it is a great place to stop for a few hours, you probably want to double check with a local RV on tips website to find out whether or not you can stay overnight.

    RV Boondocking at Truck Stops - you can go boondocking at truck stops, or at cities and local beaches. The advantage of going to a truck stop is that you can often use shower at the truck stop, and then you don’t have to use up your white water. It is cheaper to sleep at a truck stop for few hours in your motorhome than it is to go to hotel or have to worry about finding a campsite. Besides that, if you’re getting gas, they usually don’t mind if you stay there for a few extra hours anyway.

    RV Boondocking with Relatives - RV boondocking with relatives is a given. If you want to go and visit someone, don’t want to give up having your own personal space. It is a good idea to take your RV. You can just park it in their driveway, and you will probably have enough water, and electricity to last  for a full week. Not only that, some dealerships offer you the ability to go and empty out your RV tank, or fill up with water for free. If you have batteries, you can run an extension cord out from the home of your relatives and charge them up. The best part about taking your own RV to visit relatives is that the bed you have in your RV is probably a lot more comfortable than the one that they have in their guest room. Plus you can bring all of your essentials with you without having to try and cram them into tiny little suitcase. Another nice part taking your RV is to go and stay with relatives that you don’t have give them the burden of having to constantly entertain you. You can interchange yourself, because you have your own free space. Not only that, it is a lot cheaper to stay with relatives in their driveway than it is to go to an RV campsite. It is probably one of the safest ways to go RV dry camping.

    RV Boondocking in Nature - if you go to camps,  you have to be around a lot with other people. However, if you go RV boondocking you can literally be on your own, and not around with anyone else. RV boondocks is an extremely romantic way to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary. Nothing but you and your loved one and nature.

    You may also decide you want to go boondocking at your friends or relatives driveways or you can even find vacant land where you can go boondocking though someone might asks you what you are doing.

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