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    3 Ways to Find RV Auctions

    If you are not buying your next RV at an RV Auction, you are probably paying too much. It’s true that Craigslist, FSBOs and newspaper classifieds can occasionally carry great deals but RV auctions have much better deals. Only 10% of advertised coaches are asking less than book value with ordinary listing, but at an auction, all of the RVs sell for under blue book value. Repos sell for up to 50% less, and salvaged RVs can be 80% to 90% less than blue book.

    Most people want as much as they can get for their used motorhome. Most sellers like to add all their upgrades back into the asking price. Sellers are convinced that the upgrades they purchased are worth the same to you as they were to them. In addition, some sellers may be a little less than willing to tell you what is wrong with the RV. Under a normal economy, you could take the chance, but in today’s economy, its not worth it. RV repos are high and you could save a lot of money buying your next RV at RV auctions.

    If you have never been to an auction and want to learn how to find them, just keep reading! Below are three simple ways to start finding affordable RVs at auction.

    1) Talk to local RV Financing companies. A great way to find who lends on RVs in your area is to call some local dealers, ask them which local institutions are the best for people with average credit, (and less than average) and which they would recommend. (Tip: It is always better to sound like a buyer, rather then a salesperson).

    Most dealers recognize that someone asking questions on financing is either buying or selling an RV, and they will recognize you as a potential customer.) Local lending institutions are the best because they will sell their foreclosures locally. When you call them, don’t except the first person to know what you are talking about. But persistence pays off. (I once attended a government auction and I stopped and asked a veteran employee where the auctions were taking place. They said there never were any auctions at that location, I found the live auctions taking place around the corner less than 75 ft away)!

    2) Check the local newspapers and RV classifieds. But keep in mind, most of the best auctions have little or no advertising. This means less competition and even lower prices. Auctions can be both with or without a reserve. Most have a reserve. This means the seller has a fixed starting bid.

    3) Find people who typically go to auctions and ask them when and where the repo rv auction takes place. You may have better luck with a small local RV dealership or even a car dealer because they may not view you as a direct competitor. If you do not know a lot about auctions, it may also be worth it to pay them something for their help after they have helped you find what you are looking for.

    4) Check out ebay and other rv auctions online. If you know how to bid on these, you can get a really great deal. I have.

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