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    There are several steps to winning big at an online RV auction. The initial step is to do the research. Find out what has sold in the past and for what amounts. (You can use established value guide such as the NADA or the KBB and look for the wholesale or trade in values to help you determine how much to bid.) This will help you ensure that you get a good deal and that you don’t bid too high. On eBay, you can do this by creating an account and then visiting the completed listings. On column to the left, check the completed listings box and then search for what you are looking for. A good investigation will help you understand the online RV auction market and contribute to you winning big at RV auctions. The completed listing shows you 2 important things. First, the frequency in which the product is sold and second, at what price the product was sold for.

    How to Bid at Online eBay RV auctions and Win

    There are a lot of reasons to bid at an online RV trailer auction. People like to go to auctions to find bargain prices on quality RV’s. I enjoy eBay immensely and the following are a few good suggestions to winning bids on auction RVs without breaking the bank. After all, this is stuff you should know because there is nothing more frustrating than working hard to find a great deal only to lose it in the final seconds.

    These secrets to online bidding at RV auctions are as follows:

    Step 1: Be Patient. This is crucial. Yes, you do want it. But bidding now can actually decrease your chances of eventually wining it. First of all, everyone else knows there is one more interested bidder.

    And secondly, in order for your bid to count, it will also need to increase the current bid amount causing others to expect to pay more for it. More than likely others will still out bid you, so even if you win the auction, you have bid against yourself in the process.

    So when do you bid on an RV or trailer auction. The optimal time to bid on an item is during the final 10-15 seconds. I usually decide in advance what  the maximum price I will pay for the RV is, and I set my watch to go off 5-10 minutes before the auction ends. This gives me just enough time to bid effectively .

    Within the last 10 seconds, you can place a bid without allowing others enough time to react. This needs to be done in conjunction with the next step.

    Step 2: Set a ceiling bid for the RV at auction. This is the max bid you would be willing to pay for this RV. With less then 10 seconds left on the auction clock, enter in your maximum bid. Even if you think the RV will go for $600 and your maximum bid is $750, go ahead and bid $750. That way you have the most opportunity to get the RV trailer for less than your asking price. It is okay to bid high because you win by being the highest bidder and not by having the highest bid.

    Hint: Have two browsers open to the same auction at the same time. The last helpful hint is to open up two browsers for the same auction. This may allow you to make a last second adjustment.

    So your watch goes off exactly 10 minutes before the auction ends. You log on to your computer. You already know what your maximum bid is. You open up two windows to the same auctions. You wait. 15 seconds, 10, then less. Your bid is already typed in. You hit the confirm button and congratulations! You win the RV auction and you feel great about it!

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