• The Pains of RV Living

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    Rv auctionsRV living is such a dream! Or is it? I have read a lot of blogs about families who decide to hit the road and live in an RV full time. Most of the stories I’ve read or heard is that these people “hated” their dull, monotonous lives, and RV living has finally made their lives better and super exciting.

    All over the web, I have read so much praise about RV living. It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s different. You get to go to beautiful places and not pay for hotels and airfare. You get to meet lots of new and exciting people who are on the road as well. People also make a big speech about how RV living has changed their perspective of life.

    Being the skeptic that I am, I decided to delve deeper and look into it a little bit more. I do not doubt that all of the above accounts are true. But all things have their bad side, and that is what I wanted to find out about RV living. After gathering people’s opinion on the matter, I have come to the conclusion that although RV living is a great and one of a kind adventure, there are perks and pains to living full time in an RV. This post will deal with the negative stuff of RV living.

    The Pains of RV Living

    1. Not getting along with members of the family. Living in a close quarter for an extended period of time can become too annoying in the long run. Imagine looking at each other’s faces, day after day after day after day LOL. With limited space and facilities, bickering over who gets to use the bathroom first, or who gets to sleep in the big bed, will definitely occur.

    2. Limited space and privacy. Imagine your whole family cramped in one RV. Even if you have the biggest type of motorhome, it doesn’t compare to the amount of space and privacy you get at home. If you are accustomed to big spaces, this can especially be a hard thing to get used to.

    3. Alone time for mom and dad. Imagine yourself getting all romantic with your spouse, and just when you are about to kiss, one of your kids walk in on you, and bammm! Kissing time is over before it has even begun. Even if you put a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, you will always end up worrying about your kids wondering about what’s going on behind close doors LOL.

    4. Daily chores. Washing the dishes, cleaning the carpets and floors, taking out the garbage, scrubbing the bathroom… these things don’t disappear when you move into an RV. In fact, these things become even more important. Because space is so valued in such a small confinement, having a lot of clutter and undone chores are enough to make you scream and want to run away. Unlike in a huge house where you can put off chores for awhile, here in an RV, you cant afford to procrastinate. You have to get things or your RV will be a total mess.

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    5. Black water tanks. This is the grossest part of RV living. A black water tank is where all the poop is dumped and stored. Unlike living in a traditional house where everything is flushed down the septic tank and disappear forever, here in an RV, you need to clean it all out yourself. The poop tank requires regular emptying and cleaning. Yuckkkk!

    6. Cost. If you think RV living isn’t costly, you are quite mistaken there. Gas is one of the big expenses of RV living. Setting up the RV for electricity and water supply is another expensive cost. Campgrounds can be pretty expensive as well, some even costing $80 to $90 per night. As for food supplies, most RViers tend to buy food in bulk amount. As a result, unused food supplies pile up, get spoiled, and are thrown out.

    7. Bad neighbors. When you park your RV in a campground, you have no idea who your next door neighbor is. Unlike in your house where you have built a great relationship with your neighbors, here in the campgrounds it’s totally different. You are parking next to somebody you do not know. You could be parking next to a family of serial killers, or next to an axe murderer. I’m kidding, but you get the picture. If not serial killers, then its grumpy neighbors who complain about your RV , about your kids, about your garbage and stuff, and on and on they complain and just stick their noses on things that are none of their business.

    8. RV breakage. This problem is the toughest one. It’s tough to live on a broken down RV. Even the best and most expensive motorhome cannot fully withstand daily usage. It sucks when the power stops working, or when the water heater stops heating, or when the toilet bowl clogs up, or when water starts leaking, or worse, when the RV stops running due to mechanical breakdown. If you are somewhat of a handyman, you may be able to fix the problems yourself. But if you know next to nothing about tools (u have no business living in an RV if this is the case), then you need to get and pay for someone who can fix the problem.

    There are still so many things to consider, like having pets along for the ride, getting lost in an unfamiliar location, running out of fuel and supplies, getting into accidents which is the worst thing that can happen, and so much more.

    This post is not written to discourage anyone against RV living, but to let people interested in RV living be aware of the realities of living full time in an RV. So if you ever decide to take your family and hit the road in an RV, u can go fully prepared and knowledgeable about what to expect when you are out here in the big outdoors. Despite everything you read in this post, I have to say that RV living is indeed a wonderful experience for you and your family. It is a time to bond, a time to live closer together, a time to see exciting places, enjoy the outdoors, and have lots of fun. RV living is one great adventure you will never forget.


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