• Thinking About Buying a Gooseneck Trailer?

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    A gooseneck trailer is a better investment than a travel trailer. For starters, it is also easier to haul behind your truck. The attachment fixes into the bed of your truck rather than at the bumper. This makes it a much more secure connection. Also, it makes it easier to turn.

    Having a gooseneck trailer attachment gives you an excellent and secure hook up. You can also haul more weight and you can haul a longer trailer when you haul a fifthwheel instead of a travel trailer.

    The cab of the 5th wheel you are hauling is over top of the rear axle. A longer trailer means more room to haul all the things you really wanted to bring, but couldn’t fit in your travel trailer.

    But because it secures down in the bed of the truck, this also helps in making sharper turns. Another advantage is that the cab that moves over towards the back of the truck also has a queen bed that lets two extra people to sleep. These trailers sleep 6-8 versus most trailers that only sleep 4 – 6.

    Camping in a Gooseneck Trailer

    If you love camping, one of the best methods to camp is to go in your fifth wheel gooseneck trailer. Some gooseneck trailers are Toy haulers. This means you can haul toys like ATVs, motorbikes, and dune buggies. An outdoor adventure is more interesting if you are entirely prepared for it. Gooseneck trailers can not only be made use at the time of camping, but also when visiting relatives or touring around.

    Finding Gooseneck Trailers for Sale

    If you buy a new one and then change your mind, you can lose about one third of the original value in the first year. Here are two ways of looking for cheap used gooseneck trailers.

    The first way is by checking regularly on eBay and check for the ones that are not sold yet. Make sure to change the parameters so that your search is local. Another way to find a lot of good deals is on Craigslist. There are many affordable travel trailers for sale on this site. The inventory changes on a daily basis, so you will have the best luck if you check often.

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