• Tips to Finding Cheap Motorhomes

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    cheap motorhomesGoing to family camping trips and road trips can sometimes be very troublesome, especially when you don’t have the facilities or amenities that you normally enjoy at the comfort of your own home. But thanks to the great discovery and invention of motorhomes, you no longer have to leave behind all the comfort, convenience and security of home. But finally, you can take it all with you to your family vacations.

    A motorhome, or more commonly known as an RV, is a type of vehicle used mainly for recreational trips. This vehicle comes with a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. It is also stocked with many of the facilities that exist in our homes, such as a cooking stove, fridge, beds or couches, water and power supply, and sometimes even hot and cold bath. In other words, it is a house inside a vehicle.

    Buying a brand new motorhome can be very expensive, like buying a boat or a car. However, there are several ways where you can buy a motorhome for less. Finding cheap motorhomes can actually be made simpler and easier, if you know where to look. Below are some useful tips to help you get your hands on a cheap motorhome.

    1) Buy used or repossessed motorhomes. Buying used or repossessed motorhomes can help you save big. Like most used properties, the value of a motorhome becomes depreciated once it moves out of the dealer’s garage space and hits the road. Repossessed motorhomes are those units that were reclaimed by the bank because the owner could no longer meet the payments for the motorhome. Many used or repossessed motorhomes are sold at 50% less than its original price, sometimes even at 60% to 70% less! The reason for this is because the motorhome owner wishes to get rid of the unit quickly, or wishes to buy a new one. Banks also have no wish for harboring repossessed units and letting these units rot in their storage spaces. Used and repo motorhomes are either sold privately, or put up at auctions.

    how to inspect an RV2) Another tip is to thoroughly check the unit first before making any commitment. Inspecting the used motorhome for any signs of wear and tear, as well as any damages to component parts, can actually give you the opportunity to bargain or negotiate the price with the motorhome owner. Negotiating can get you really far and might end you up in getting the best deal ever. A thorough inspection will also help you estimate about repair and maintenance costs.

    3) Explore the payment options. Most owners prefer cash payments. But you can also arrange for monthly payments. Another option is to offer to pay a 50% cash deposit and pay the rest through installment. Exploring your options can make payment easier on your pockets.

    4) Do your research. Buying a motorhome is not a decision to be treated lightly. Therefore, be as informed and knowledgeable as possible on the subject matter. Surf the internet and check out motorhome websites for amazing deals. Visit different auction sites for foreclosed motorhomes, and make inquiries from trusted friends. Their ideas will also help you in getting the motorhome that’s ideal for you.

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