• What is a Toy Hauler?

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    A toy hauler is exactly what it sounds like it is. It is a large trailer to haul large toys in. Of course the toys we’re talking about are ATVs, motorcycles, valuable classic cars and the like. In this case we’re not talking about boats though smaller watercraft could be hauled in a toy hauler rv. I just don’t think they build a trailer that big! The difference between a toy hauler, a regular trailer, and a travel trailer, is that they are both combined! Depending on what you haul helps you choose your hauler. There are toy hauler rvs that are more RV than trailer, and others that are more trailer than RV.

    Why would I want a toy hauler for myself?

    Toy haulers are excellent for the traveling sportsman. Instead of having to get a hotel every time you go to compete, you can stay in your own comfortable RV. It not only saves money, it saves time and is more comfortable because you are staying in your second home and your own surroundings. These trailers come in many varieties. Some are convertible from “garages” into living space. The beds either fold up against the walls or hook up to the ceiling and the kitchenette is a small sink and maybe a cupboard or two in the front of the trailer. Often, the beds are convertible into couches to give plenty of seating for eating and other entertainment during the day. There are also options available for entertainment, including a place for a television for movies and video games, etc.

    Some toy hauler campers have separate “garages”. Some are made with large garages and small living quarters, and others have very spacious and rich living areas. The trailers with small garages are almost like a regular rv with an attached garage. There are also all class levels of leisure trailer. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for fun and games. A large kitchen area, room for a king size bed, plus sleeping for 2-6 more people makes the sporting experience even more enjoyable. Now you have someplace completely your own and relaxing to go home to after a nervous competition not some random hotel room.

    Drivable Toy Haulers vs Towables.

    Although they begun exclusively as towables, they are now coming out with some that are drivable. There are both Class C and Class A toy hauler RVs. The difference between a Class C RV and a Class A RV is that a Class C is built on a van chassis. The Class C typically takes gas rather than diesel, but this should be fine as long as what you are taking with you fits in your RV. (Many salesmen will try to sell you on a diesel. These really only needed if you are towing something very heavy lake a large boat, or a boat and a car etc. But if you are towing ATVs and other toys, even just one car a gas engine will do great for you. Diesel rvs run two to three times more than gas so salesmen will push them harder as they make a bigger commission from a larger sales price.) In a Class C there is usually a bunk above the driver and passenger. There is also an option to have an entertainment system rather than the bunk above the driver. Class A rvs are built on a bus chassis. For this reason they can be less fuel efficient, and are more often sold with diesel engines. They usually sleep less than Class C rvs, but seat more. I think of Class A rvs as a large suite, and a class C as an oversized camper.

    Towable toy hauling trailers are great as well. They have the advantage of being able to have a vehicle to run around in once you have reached your destination. They are cheaper to maintain and repair because they are only a “house” and not a house and vehicle in one. Whether you want a drivable or towable trailer is entirely up to you and your preference.

    5th Wheel Models
    Often a 5th wheel toy hauler is one of the biggest ones you can buy. They can be as long as 40 feet. A fifth wheel toy hauler will carry dune buggies, 4 to 6 atv’s or a dozen motorbikes. Elkhorn and keystone are two popular manufacturers.

    Where can I find a good deal on a used toy hauler?

    There are several places to find great deals on a new or used toy hauler. Many people buy rvs without really knowing what they want. They get into something and take it out for a few days and realize that its not as all what they had thought, so they want to get rid of it. RVs are the easiest thing to find a great deal on, especially if you have cash to buy it. So many people buy an RV even though they really can’t afford it. The first time their circumstances change they get rid of the second house payment – the RV. Toy haulers are a little harder to find than a regular RV, but there are plenty out there.
    The first place to look is the local classified ads. The best deals to be had are in the small classifieds, not the big city newspaper. Call around, find out why they’re selling, look the rv up on www.nada.com to give you a good price comparison (leave out any features when your getting a value) and start bargaining. One place I love to look is craigslist.org. If you want, you can even put out a wanted ad. You’re bound to get several emails letting you know of people who really want to sale. Another place I would look is on ebay. (You can check out this article if you want to learn how to get a great deal on a foreclosed rv on ebay.) I wouldn’t spend too much time on other sites on the internet. They aren’t always updated and have a small

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