• How to Decide How Much a Used Repo RV is Worth:

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    Two basic guides exist to determine the value of a used repo RV. Just like the car industry has kelley blue book, rvs are valued with the NADA Guide as well as in Kelley Blue Book. Both of these guides have sites online that are easy to use. When pricing a used rv, many owners will want to put in everything they find as they think is an upgrade to improve the value of the rv. However, this is not always accurate.

    Just like in cars, with used repo RVs there are different standards for an LX than for an LS for instance, you will find the same thing in Rvs. Different models come with a different “base” package. If you own an Alpine Motorcoach 36FDDS, it will come with different standard equipment than a 36 FDTS. So when pricing to sell, be sure that if you don’t know what came standard, to call the manufacturer with the VIN and they will let you know. That way you will be sure not to overprice the rv turning off many potential buyers before they even call you. If you are looking to buy an rv. I recommend not adding any upgrades even if you know they were not standard. This is merely a failsafe to insure that you get a good deal, in case you miscalculate somewhere else.

    That’s really all there is to it. Just put all the information that you know about the vehicle into the guides and they’ll give you a good market value. As you are looking to sell, try to fix anything that may be wrong with the rv. The the carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned, make sure it looks and smells great. Offer discounts, and be as creative as you can in pricing, offers, and where you list. Some of the best places we found to advertise is just finding a great parking spot on a busy road with a FOR SALE sign in the window. People who are looking will notice a well priced, nice looking rv for sale by owner.


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