• Can You Get a Better Deal on a Used RV Than Buying a New RV from a Dealership?

    by  • January 5, 2012 • Repossessed RV and Motorhomes, RV Discounts • 0 Comments

    I think a lot of people understand that they can get a better deal by buying a used RV than by buying a new RV from a dealer. It seems kind of self-explanatory. The dealer has to spend a lot of money advertising, and they have a lot of overhead, and they have salespeople they have to pay. There is no way that they’re in going to be able to sell something without having to add on a large margin. On top of all their other expenses, the dealer also has to make a profit. Typically, the expenses associated with selling an RV account for about 30% of the sales price. On top of that, the dealer wants to make at least 10% profit on each RV that they sell. For this reason, you are looking at a 40% markup on every use RV that is on the dealer’s lot. This goes to cover the 30% expenses, plus the 10% drop that margin. Even if a dealer gets a very good deal on a used or repossessed RV, doesn’t look like that greater detail once it has a 40% markup.

    This is a reason why buying a is almost always a better option. Not every RV for sale by owner is priced to sell. As a matter fact most of them are overpriced. But if you wait long enough, or you talk to enough sellers, bees prices tend to come down and you can find sellers that are very reasonably priced. On top of that, if you keep on digging through more Rvs for sell by owner, you will find some of these RV owners that are already listing their RV for the decent price, would come down even more because they are motivated to sell quickly. So if you’re willing to spend the time and effort, you can quite easily find Rvs that are 20 to 25% below bluebook. These type of Rvs for sale by owner make a great investment and the minute you buy them, you have equity in the RV.


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