• Different Kinds of Utility Trailers

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    There are many types of utility trailers, there are flatbed trailers, hydraulic trailers, boxed trailer, boat trailers, and enclosed trailers. Each of these trailers is unique and should be discussed individually. Knowing about the different kinds of utility trailers can enable you find the one that is best suited to your needs.

    Enclosed Trailers or Cargo Trailers

    These trailers are enclosed cargo trailers and are typically used for moving large loads that the driver wants to protect from weather or from blowing out of his bed. Enclosed trailers are also used when traveling long distances or speeds above 45 mph. Most enclosed trailers are smaller than flat bed trailers. Usually they are not very aero dynamic, and this affect your mileage when you haul them. Cargo trailers are one of the more expensive types of utility trailer you can buy. Brand new, their prices range from $3,000 to $20,000. They can be a much better deal when bought used. They often last longer than other types of utility trailers because of their rugged exterior design.

    The next type of trailer you may encounter is a flatbed trailer. These trailer are great for haul large bulky or heavy items. Flatbed trailers are good for hauling cement, building materials and even cars. The advantage of a flatbed utility trailer is that having a flatbed helps to distribute the weight evenly across the axles and thus allows you to haul more then most other trailers.

    Hydraulic utility trailers are some of my favorites. A hydraulic trailer can be used to carry and dump loose loads such as rocks, bark, or gravel. The advantage of this trailer is obvious. Easy transfer and unloading of materials at a job site. These trailer are very common among landscaping companies. Another advantage of these trailers, is that you can easily take haul and dump trash or yard waste at the dump. Hydraulic dumping trailers can be installed into a truck bed or they can be pulled behind a car, truck or SUV.

    Open box frame utility trailer are designed to carry a lot of equipment around safely and to give the un loader easy access to a variety of tolls. One of the most common places you see this trailer is behind a landscaping truck. This type of utility trailer can be 6 to 20 feet long and 4 to nearly 8 feet wide. Brand new these trailers cost 700 to $7000.

    Utility boat trailer are great for people who are looking to move or store a boat. These trailers have a sturdy V-like frame and are designed to take a lot of weight. They have a crank wire on the front to help secure the boat. These trailers are used to take the boat down into the water and bring it out again.

    Most used utility trailers can be better deals. Craigslist is a great place to find utility trailers for sale. Two or three year old trailers will often sale for ½ of what a new trailer costs. When I shop for used utility trailers this is the age that I prefer the most. If there is little wear or use on it, you can go back as far As 3-5 year and find an excellent deal for 30-50% of what a newer trailer would cost.

    When buying utility trailers for sale, the following are some thing you should check. Is it currently licensed, does it need to be licensed. How good are the tires? (If they have been in direct sun they could crack and fall apart even if they look good.) Do the lights, brake and hook up cable work? How heavy is the trailer? How much weight can the tires and axle hold? Is the hitch compatible with my truck? Will it work for the things I intend to use it for? Will it be difficult to drive my car or truck with this trailer attached to it?

    While there are a lot more things you could check regarding utility trailers, these are a few of the things we thought would be most important to know before you buy. Best luck with the purchase of your next utility trailer.

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