• History of the VW Campervan and Volkswagen Camper Vans

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    The vw campervan, also known as the minibus was first introduced in 1950. Back in the 1950s, Volkswagen basically had two main models, the Type 1 also known as the Beettle and the Type 2 or the vw minibus. Since then, it had undergone many changes and modifications, and is still being produced today. The VW campervan is one of the first international camper vans to become popular in America. It was the forerunner of today’s mini vans and conversion vans. Similar types of American conversion vans include the Ford Ecoline, the Chevy Corvan, and the early Dodge A100 and Dodge van. In truth, the vw conversion vans have been imitated several times but never replicated. This is what makes it a classic today.

    The original design was made to sleep 2 adults and two children. More recent designs have been made to sleep up to four adults. The vw conversion van also has large window designed for touring and some of them even come with a kitchenette, electrical outlets, running water, and rv hook ups. The mid and rear engine layout was an advantage in helping the Type 2 vw have better traction and it was also a good way to reduce interior noise. Westfalia VW campers can come in several different colors and color combinations. In addition to two double beds, they also contain and small kitchen with a sinks, gas stove, a 10.5 gallon water tank and a refrigerator. Some models today also include Wi-Fi and satellite TV. The best vw campervan will also come with privacy curtains, a pop up roof, sliding side door, rotating front seat, large windows, lots of extra cabinet space and a fire extinguisher. What make the campervan more popular then a lot of other RVs is that it can also be used as a second car and can haul a lot of passengers or equipment.

    VW vans are very popular in movies. Two famous movies include Inkheart, and Back to the Future. Ben Pon is accredited with having designed and manufactured the first set of Volkswagen campers. During the last 50 years, the vw campervan has undergone many changes and been completely redesigned at least 5 times. The first time it was called the T1, the second time the T2 and so fore until the T5 came out.

    Another reason why the vw campervan became popular is because it was a fuel economical, and it’s ability to be a serve as a delivery van or a van capable of hauling tools to and from a job site. This gave it appeal to business owners and contractors.

    The Volkswagen camper van was also called the hippi-van, was an active part of the counter American culture of the 1970s. This is in part, because used vw campervans were cheap, they could haul a lot of people and they could be used for camping. (Also they weren’t made by Americans.)

    The biggest production plants for this car where in Germany Mexico and Brazil. The Brazilian factory continued to produce the earlier T2 model until 1996. The T3 and 4 models of vw camper vans differ from the earlier models in that they have slightly more powerful engines. Also the front end is less rounded and more slanted.

    The best places to buy a used vw campervan is to check your local newspaper classifieds or magazines and websites that specialize in Volkswagens. Sometime car magazines that advertise 1,000s of cars may be a good place to look. If you are looking for a vintage or antique model, you may also want to check collectors magazines or magazines the specialize in Volkswagens or German automobiles.

    As far as campers go, Westfalia is the company primarily in charge of converting them into campervans. The VW campervan is one differently one of the most versatile mini vans in it’s class. Sometimes though, local dealers have converted them into firetrucks, delivery vans, ambulances and even hearses.

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