• Why Class B Motorhomes Are So Popular

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    class b motorhomesA lot of people like Class B motorhomes, and in the last two decades, they have become very popular. Class B motorhomes are the perfect size motor home for the weekend getaway. They have become popular for the following reasons:

    1) Rising prices of gas. These motorhomes provide almost 15-20 miles per gallon compared to the 4-10 miles that one gets from the regular motorhomes. Those who are going to drive a lot in their motorhomes may make good savings over time, if they purchase a Class B RV. Many people use their Class B motorhome as their second car.

    2) A Class B motorhome is the right size for two people, which makes such vehicles perfect for the baby boomers who are going to retire. Generally these units come with a small kitchenette, bathroom and a queen size bed.

    3) When going out for a short weekend getaway, the small Class B motorhomes are the perfect option.

    The Advantages of Purchasing a Class B Motorhome

    With the increasing cost of fuel, the popularity of the Class B motorhome is also increasing.

    It is possible to get almost 20 miles per gallon with many of the Class B motorhomes. This is going to prove a very cost effective way to travel around. They are as easy to drive as a van. You don’t even need a special license.

    Often people use these motorhomes as their second car. The facilities of a kitchenette, a bed and a bathroom are available in most of the Class B motorhomes. Additionally different types of appliances like microwave, fridge and stove top are installed in these units, which makes different types of daily chores easy. Even showers are available in some of the Class B RVs and motorhomes.

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